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  1. Budget

    Key takeaways from the Autumn Budget 2017

    In a time of economic uncertainty, the sight of Philip Hammond with his red briefcase is enough to push us over the edge. We’re here…

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  2. control, credit, debt collection agency, collection, commercial domestic investigations

    The secret to a happy workforce

    Behind every successful business is a hardworking team of employees. If your team begins to falter or becomes unhappy then your business can rapidly fall…

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  3. Resolutions

    Credit Control Resolutions for 2018

    Credit control is a tough but necessary part of business. Some days it can feel as though you’re getting nowhere and the added stress of…

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  4. insolvency, creditworthy, Protocol,, finances

    Avoid the spiral into insolvency

    Insolvency is impacting thousands of businesses every year, and obviously, it is the last thing that you want to happen to your business. Unfortunately, in…

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  5. Merry Christmas

    5 steps to a Merry Christmas

    Christmas is a time for festive cheer and goodwill, unfortunately, many UK businesses face the doom and gloom of late payments this year. While late…

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  6. budget

    Looking to build your business? A budget can help.

    If you’re looking to be successful in 2018, and everyone should be, then creating a budget can help. A budget can help you to keep…

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  7. Small Business

    Make the most of Small Business Saturday

    As a small business, it can be difficult to compete with the low prices and stock levels of bigger companies, especially in the run-up to…

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  8. invoices

    Create the perfect invoice and get paid on time

    An invoice is one of the most powerful credit management tools at your disposal. An invoice is a document responsible for your business getting paid.…

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  9. insolvency, creditworthy, Protocol,, finances

    Become a Creditworthy Company

    At Commercial Domestic Investigations, we wanted to share the steps that you should take when it comes to making your company creditworthy. Common credit control…

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  10. relationship

    Top considerations to make when starting a new business relationship

    Business used to be simple, but as the years have gone on it have become easier for companies to hide unfavourable information or portray themselves…

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