When you are running a business, it can be tempting to take care of every task yourself. You have spent time building your business and don’t want to let other people be responsible for important decisions.
The aim of most businesses is to become successful and as the company grows so will the number of tasks that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. If you try to juggle all of these tasks you are likely to lose control. Hiring a third party to take control of some of these tasks can relieve some of the pressure on you.

Reduce costs

In the long term, using a third party to take care of certain tasks can reduce your costs. Rather than employing a specialist team or spending the time to employ and fully train a new member of staff, employ the services of a third party agency. They can begin work straight away, and you don’t lose any business. At Commercial Domestic Investigations, our team are fully trained in line with industry best practice and remain up-to-date with the latest debt recovery regulations.


Any third party that you work with will focus on one particular area of business; this means that there will be a minimum level of knowledge that you have access too, this is most likely more than you know on the subject. A third party will carry out processes that you are not familiar with, usually more efficiently than you would; so you can get a great deal of value from employing the services of an agency.

Improved quality

A highly-trained agency will be able to take a new look at your everyday issues; they will provide solutions that you may not have previously thought of and implement new working methods. A third party is not emotionally invested in your business; this means that when dealing with difficult customers or tricky situations they can keep a level head, remain professional and ultimately may even improve your quality of service.

At Commercial Domestic Investigations we work tirelessly to collect any money owed to you. We can assist your business at any point in the debt recovery process, from credit reporting to invoice collection. Although you are capable of managing every aspect of your business, there may be some areas that are neglected or some areas that could be managed more efficiently; if you would like to discuss how we can help your business, contact our team on 08444 159200 or email sales@commercialdomesticinvestigations.co.uk.