The team at Commercial Domestic Investigations recently learned about changes to the law surrounding bailiffs which may mean that some commercial landlords and other business owners may be left with nothing to collect when they take court action against a debtor.

Bailiffs are now known as an enforcement agents, and it’s not just the name which has changed, it’s also some of the practices and the laws surrounded taking possession of goods and property.

Commercial Rent recoveryCommercial Domestic Investigations

The British Property Federation (BPF) has raised issues with the Ministry of Justice regards the revised law surrounding the commercial rent recovery (CRAR) regime. Late paying commercial tenants are now given seven clear days to clear a debt before an enforcement agent (bailiff), can enter a property to remove items of value.

Landlords are up in arms about the ‘seven clear days’ law change and believe that tenants are using this as a period of ‘free rent’, and also using the time to remove valuables from commercial property. This is very worrying for smaller landlords who may face cash flow and debt issues themselves due to this new ‘seven day’ ruling.

Inventory not taken

Other changes to the law include that bailiffs being no longer required to take a levy or inventory of goods on a property when they serve the initial notice. Landlords are calling for the inventory to be reintroduced to protect their investment.

The expert debt collection team at Commercial Domestic Investigations would always advise that every avenue of collection is undertaken before involving the courts or enforcement agents in debt collection. Court action should be seen as the last resort, and not taken without expert debt collection advice.

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