It is clear that your business will only last so long if you are not making a profit. If you are attempting to improve your profitability then it is worth taking some time to understand which aspects of your business are losing the most profit.

Don’t forget fixed costs

When quoting a price to customers, many businesses will forget to include costs to cover overheads and fixed costs. Try not to focus too much on gross profit margin. Take the time to calculate all costs associated with the product or service and add a proportion of this to the invoice.

Money doesn’t always mean profit

You may have a lot of money coming in to your business bank account, but that does not necessarily mean you are making a profit. You may forget to include all of the factors when agreeing to provide a service at a given price. Ensure that you do some research to check that you can deliver a service at a cost less than the revenue that is due to be received.

Don’t forget the aftercare

Your job is not done as soon as the invoice has been sent. The payment must be collected within the agreed payment terms. It is important to be motivated when it comes to collecting invoices; profit is not earned until a payment has been received in full. Providing a good customer experience helps to build strong relationships with customers, resulting in return custom. Remember that people don’t stop being your customers after they have made a payment.

Review your cash-flow and financial reports

Monitoring and adapting your cash-flow is a good way to control your profits. Businesses that have money management issues are seen as a higher risk by financial lending authorities and it also means that you have no safety net in the event of unforeseen costs.

Don’t be afraid to review your financial reports, burying your head in the sand will only cause more problems in the long run. Regularly review your finances and cash-flow and take the time to understand your financial position.

Make a budget

If you don’t want to squander your profits then make a budget – and stick to it! Plan as much as possible and include your advertising and marketing costs, doing so will reduce the risk of overspending and any potential loss of profit.

Stop wasting your money

Unnecessary spending is the main culprit when it comes to loss of profit. Be it overpaying for a product or service or just buying things that you don’t need. Take the time to compare your utilities, bank charges and any other costs that apply.

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