January can be a difficult month for cashflow. With businesses taking time off in December and leaving unpaid invoices in their in-tray, even customers with clearly defined payment terms may not pay on time. Leaving you trying to make up the difference to pay your own invoices.

Employing the services of a reputable collection agency can help you and your business get off to a healthy start in 2017.

At Commercial Domestic Investigations, we know that a new year is a very busy time, with businesses making plans for growth, making new contacts and building your business, the last thing that you need to deal with is overdue accounts and problematic cashflow. By using a collection agency, you can spend time doing the more important tasks and leave payment chasing to the agency. At Commercial Domestic Investigations, our highly-trained team have an up-to-date knowledge on debt recovery law and best practice, meaning that we will deal with your overdue accounts in a professional and timely manner.

A good agency can become involved in the debt recovery process at any time, whether you want to pass all overdue accounts to them or only pass the more difficult, aged debts, the decision is yours. By doing this an agency can allow you to streamline your accounts, implementing a referral process means your accounts team can work more effectively.

A good agency will be able to provide other services to your business. At Commercial Domestic Investigations, we offer a range of services, including credit reporting. This service provides you with payment history of your clients, giving you the peace of mind to offer your clients payment terms or to ask for a deposit upfront.

It is important to carry out your research when looking for a collection agency, consider any client testimonials and the feedback that they have received. Look into their policies on noncollectable debts and the liability of costs. Recommendations are an honest way to find out about a business, speak with your own trusted clients to ask if they have ever worked with an agency before.

Commercial Domestic Investigations understands that it is a big decision to allow an agency to play apart in your business finances, however the value that an agency brings to your business, may be worth the risk. Ensure that the agency that you decide upon offers you a range of services, this means that the agency can support you, even as your business expands. If you are thinking about employing the services of a collection agency or you want to speak to someone about your requirements, contact our friendly team on 08444 159200 or email sales@commercialdomesticinvestigations.co.uk.