Summer usually see some employees taking a well deserved break and enjoying some sunshine, however there are some things that you need to take care of to avoid a post-holiday headache.

Scheduling payments

You’ve had a great, relaxing summer holiday and you come back to work feeling refreshed. The last thing you want to see sitting on your desk is a pile of late payment invoices and final demands. Before you jet off, make sure you have authorised all of the upcoming payments and delegate the control of invoice payment to another member of your team, if possible.

Tell everyone you’re away

By this, we don’t mean bragging about your summer holiday to anyone who will listen, but to set up an automatic response or out-of-office reply on your emails, if you have a direct line then change your voicemail to let them know you’re away. This will let your clients know that you’re not avoiding or ignoring them. It also means you can make them aware of where to direct their enquiries while you are away.

Control your credit

That’s right, once again it all comes down to the money coming in, unfortunately that is the truth of running a successful business. If you are responsible for credit control then make sure plans have been made for when you are away as customers may take advantage of your absence.

Keep up with marketing

You’ve probably spent a lot of time driving traffic to your website and social media with blogs and adverts; don’t let that go to waste because nothing gets down when you’re away. You can schedule posts for the time you’re away or if you need someone to respond to messages then delegate the task to one of your colleagues.

Using a third party, like Commercial Domestic Investigations, when it comes to credit control can help to ease the pressure.  If you have a difficult customer and no one that can help while you’re away then you may want to consider passing them to a third party. That way they don’t get to take advantage of your absence and the payment can be chased while you’re on holiday, meaning you have one less problem to solve on your return. If you want to find out how we can help your business contact our team on 08444 159200 or email