In today’s market the majority of businesses have some form of competition, with the rise of the internet, smart-phones and technology it has become even harder for your business to compete. There are some simple steps that you can take to stand out from the competition.


Your business may share similarities with hundreds of others out there but you started the business for a reason so think back to why, think back to your goals and mission statement and focus in on what it is that makes you different.

It may be that your product is your USP but don’t forget to consider that it may be yours or your teams knowledge and expertise that sets you apart. Whatever it may be, identify your strengths and develop and nurture them. These strengths are the reason for customers choosing you over the competition so ensure that you communicate them properly.

Positive feedback

All feedback is useful to a business, negative feedback can help you to improve and fix problems while positive feedback can convince customers to purchase from you rather than the competition. Recent and regular feedback can build trust in your brand.

Create a “Testimonials” page on your website and feature feedback from well-known or prominent people, allow customers to leave reviews and engage with them via social media, answer queries and address their issues, this shows the customer that you are listening to them and that their opinions matter.

Customer service

A good way of differentiating your business from the competition is with your customer service. Efficient and friendly customer service can really make your company memorable, for the right reasons. Many customers will go elsewhere if their concerns are not addressed quickly. If their issues are left unresolved or the service they receive is rude then the customer is likely to go to your competition and never look back. As businesses become larder there is less emphasis placed on providing a personable service, take the time to build connections with your customers and keep in regular contact. Maintain healthy business-client relationships and you will feel the benefit.


Trust in a business has become one of the most important factors for customers when they are choosing who to make a purchase with. Share information about your workplace and your team. Build an “about us” section on your website so the customer can see that there are real people behind the business. Voice your goals and origins of the business, the customers will appreciate honesty and by sharing your company journey, they will trust your company that little bit more.

At Commercial Domestic Investigations we understand how important your customers are to your businesses success, to be able to compete against your rivals you must be able to have the time to focus on building and growing your company. That’s why we’re here. Allowing us to assist with your difficult customers, late payers and overdue invoices gives you more time to focus on more important tasks. To find out more about how we can help your credit control. Contact our team on 08444 159200 or email