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As debt collection becomes more and more important to business owners it’s important that debt is collected in an ethical and highly regulated environment. Our team of debt collections experts were interested to spot a story this week in Credit Today which outlined the Lending Standards Board’s (LSB) findings its latest annual report.

Commercial Domestic Investigations

The LSB has been in the news.

What did the LSB find?

Overall, the LSB where pleased with improvements in the debt collection industry after they carried out monitoring and assessment work over the previous 12 months. The work focused on lenders and making sure they complied with the LSB’s lending code. The report also covered the introduction of the ‘associate subscriber’ which brought debt collection agencies and debt purchasers into the code.

Six debt collection agencies took part in assessments by the LSB and five passed, the sixth is not being named but is being given time to update practices to make sure they fall in line with the requirements by the LSB.

Pre arrears

Separate work was undertaken by the LSB which focussed on the pre-arrears stage to make sure that Freephone numbers where supplied and that consumer vulnerability was fully taken into account at this stage.

Financial difficulties were considered as part of the work, and governance around processes and systems was also studied.

Six month study

In regards consumers with financial difficulty the LSB team monitored how struggling customers were treated over a six month period. The same customers had their journey analysed and followed over this period to make sure they were given correct advice and help, even when the debt was sold onto a third party debt purchaser.

The LSB wanted to see that correct breathing space was given to the customer at each stage of the process and they carefully monitored to make that references to debt help providers were supplied at key times.  Here at Commercial Domestic Investigations we welcome the report and continue to follow best practice guidelines when collecting consumer debt on behalf of our clients.

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