It is tough for a new business to be successful, but of the many reasons that a business fails, cash flow is the main culprit. As a new business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your personal finances are in order before you set-up your business. You may not be aware but your personal finances can have a huge impact on your success.


It is common for a business to struggle in the early stages of trading, spending more than expected or facing unforeseen problems. A common way for a business to ease its cash flow problems is to borrow money, either in the form of a bank loan or other finance option. Take the time to understand your personal financial standing; this will give you an insight into your likelihood of securing finance. The more stable your credit score, the better chance you have of securing finance and the better rates you will get.


Any lenders will want to ensure that you have a plan; they won’t lend money if they think that you will just fritter it away. The advantage of working for somebody is that they take care of your pension, and even pay into it too, by running your own business this is something that you will need to take care of for yourself and your employees. By planning for your future, you don’t need to worry. Not having a plan in place can cause a lot of problems further down the line.


Take the time to analyse your personal finances, are you spending a lot of money on things that you don’t really need? Budgeting in your personal life can really help you to live within your means and teaches you self-discipline. These are skills that you can bring to your business life and helps you with juggling financial priorities.

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