Privacy Policy

The protection of your personal information is of paramount importance to us.  We will use data that you choose to provide to us only in line with our Privacy Policy and in accordance with data protection regulations.


This Privacy Policy sets out the type, scope and purpose of collecting, processing and using the personal information which you choose to provide us with.  This policy relates to our role as Data Controller.  Where we act as Data Processor we will follow the same policy, however, in some cases a data subject may be referred to the Data Controller from where the data originated.


  1. How we use your information…


This privacy policy sets out what to expect when Commercial & Domestic Investigations collects your personal information.  It relates to information we collect about:


  • Feedback and complaints received
  • Information required for commercial purposes to fulfil the contracts which our clients hold with us.


  1. Submission of information…


All information submitted to us is held on a secure server.  This is protected by all methods necessary.  Only the personnel who require access to the information submitted are able to view the data.  Any data supplied to us will only be used for the intended purpose and will not be shared outside of Commercial & Domestic Investigations without your express consent.


  1. Complaints and feedback…


Should you wish to make a complaint our complaints process is available on our website or a copy can be provided via another means if this is requested.  All information received during the course of a complaint is handled with the same level of security and privacy as any other data which we process.


  1. Information required for contractual purposes…


Commercial & Domestic Investigations use information provided by you in order that we can fulfil the terms of your contract i.e. debt recovery services and associated services.  The data received is only used for its intended and stated purpose.  This also includes financial information for the production of invoices and the receiving of payments for services provided.


The information which you provide us with in relation to you and data subjects under your control is used to allow us to provide you with information, products and services that you have requested.


  1. Protection of information…


In order to protect your information we hold all data on a secure server which is protected by monitored Firewall protection.  Ongoing back ups are also taken and held at a separate secure site.  We also complete regular audits to ensure data integrity.


  1. Requests for information…


You have the right to request details of personal information that we hold about you, under the Act.  To request these details you can submit a Subject Access Request (SAR).  All SAR’s will be supplied within 30 days of the request having been received by us.  In the case where information we hold about you is outdated or incorrect you have the right to request an update and correction of the relevant data.  You may also have a right to request the erasure of personal data we hold about you provided that we do not have a statutory obligation or an outweighing legitimate interest to keep such data.  Any request for access, rectification or erasure must be made in writing to the contact address set out in section 11.


  1. Retention of Data…


All personal data will be retained for the period of the contract held with our Clients.  Some information may be held for a longer period only where this is required to meet statutory obligations or where is is deemed that there is a legitimate interest for us to hold such data.


  1. Sharing Information…


Commercial & Domestic Investigations may share information with any of the following external organisations for commercial purposes:-



Trace and Process Server companies utilised within our operations

External solicitors for legal purposes

Financial Conduct Authority

Credit Services Association


  1. Reporting of Data Breaches…


Commercial & Domestic Investigations report all major data breaches, of data for which we have control and are responsible for, to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), our customers and/or suppliers (where applicable) All potential data breaches are fully investigated as per our Security Incident Policy.  When a data breach is detected and the severity ascertained, this will be reported to the ICO within 72 hours.


  1. Changes and amendments to our Privacy Policy…


Commercial & Domestic Investigations may amend this policy from time to time.  Changes will be communicated via updates on our website.  We recommend that you regularly access our website to ensure that you agree with any changes and amendments.


  1. Contact Address


If you have any comments or questions regarding this policy or our use of your personal information, or would like to make a request, please contact us at:


Commercial & Domestic Investigations

3B Colima Avenue

Sunderland Enterprise Park




  1. Filing a Complaint


Our supervisory authority for data protection purposes is the Information Commissioners Office (  If you believe that we have processed your personal data in breach of this Privacy Policy or the relevant laws and regulations you have a right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office.


Our ICO registration reference is Z5684988