At Commercial Domestic Investigations we’re renowned in the credit control and debt collection industry.

Credit reporting is essential to maintaining good business cash flow, and in this post we’ll highlight why this is a must in todays business world.

Commercial Domestic Investigations

Why use credit reporting?

Prevent bad debts

It goes without saying that this is key to good business cash flow. By using a credit reporting service you’ll be able to prevent bad debts being owed to your company. An accurate credit report will highlight if a company is likely to pay for the goods or service that you provide.

Take on work that will pay

By using a credit reporting service you will be able to operate your business with a reasonable amount of certainty that any work you take on will be paid in a timely fashion, which will give you as the business owner a certain peace of mind.

Improve customer relationships

You know it’s wise to cultivate a strong relationship if a customer approaches you with good credit. At the same time, if a customer approaches your company and has a questionable payment record you might find it beneficial to discuss this with them in an open and honest way. You may still be able to take on the work if further guarantees or new terms are drawn up.

Plan cash flow well

Credit reporting allows you to plan for the future better. For example, if you’re sure that your customer is going to pay, you can plan for expansion, improvements and extra staff knowing that your business is in a good position.

Stamp out losses

No business likes losses, and credit reporting is one way to help guarantee that your write offs will be reduced.

Credit reporting is one of the many areas that Commercial Domestic Investigations are seen to be industry experts. Whatever industry or field your company operated in credit reporting is almost certainly going to improve your cash flow. To have an informal discussion with an industry expert please contact Commercial Domestic Investigations for more advice.

About Commercial Domestic Investigations

Commercial Domestic Investigations are regarded within the debt collection and credit control industry as one of the best credit management companies in the UK. Established in 1988 to support and service all sizes of companies in the field of Credit Management.

Primarily our clients use our automated Debt Collection Services, but over the last eighteen years clients requirements have changed dramatically, something Commercial Domestic Investigations has addressed.

We now boast a national client base in excess of 30,000 companies. Commercial Domestic Investigations has grown by listening to clients’ requirements and adapting our services to meet all companies’ needs from Sole Traders, SMES, Ltd and Plus. Please contact us on 08444 159200 for more information.