As a business, you will come across all sorts of obstacles when asking a customer to pay an invoice, some will make excuses, some will avoid your attempts at communication and some will dispute that they should make a payment at all. These customer disputes, undoubtedly play havoc with your cashflow.

It can be difficult to understand the reason for the dispute, it could be anything from the quality of the product or service, missing products or a dispute over the price. The only way to find out, is to contact the client directly.

To avoid payments being delayed by customer disputes, it is important to clearly state on the invoice that the client should contact you with any problems. This way, any issues can be dealt with early in the process.

No business wants to issue a refund, however if the product or service is not as described or was not provided then it may be worth considering the value of your reputation against the value of the invoice. Typically, clients are disputing one item on the invoice as oppose to the whole invoice total. Discuss the details of the invoice, item by item, with the client and find out what they are happy to pay for. This way, you can recoup some of the money whilst resolving the remaining, disputed amount with the client.

The unfortunate truth, however, is some clients may dispute an invoice to simply avoid making a payment. Dealing with difficult customers is part of running a business, there will always be people that do not want to pay. Chasing payments can be time consuming and there is no guarantee that you or your team have the relevant knowledge to deal with debt recovery and the laws involved.

At Commercial Domestic Investigations, our priority is our customer. Our team are highly-trained on debt recovery law and best practice and work tirelessly to recover any debt that they are given. Unpaid invoices can cause a lot of problems with your cashflow, if a resolution cannot be reached, then it may be time to let a recovery agency handle the invoice. Contact our team on 08444 159200 or email to discuss your requirements.