At Commercial Domestic Investigations we specialise in debt recovery and regularly come across clients who are unsure about the right time to submit a debt to a third party.

The truth is, there is no definitive answer. You can submit a debt at any point during the debt recovery process but too early and you may scare your clients off, leave it too long and you run the risk of completely writing the debt off. At Commercial Domestic Investigations we wanted to pass you some easy-to-follow rules that you apply to debtors.


Consider your relationship with the debtor, both professionally and personally. Is the relationship going well, have they got more orders in the pipeline and is this the first time that they have missed a payment? Reacting too strongly or too quickly too early on, may damage your relationship with clients, as well as damaging your chances of acquiring another order from them.

How old is the debt

If the debt is only a few days over payment terms, then a firm but friendly email, letter or call may be enough to prompt a payment, however if the debt is months overdue and there is no response from your client or they are voicing imaginary disputes then you may want to consider contacting a debt recovery agency.

Communication is key

If your debtor is unresponsive or slow to reply then it can be a sign of disorganisation, it can also be a sign of money problems maybe even insolvency. Make sure that the debtors are responding regularly and keeping you updated. The best form of contact in this situation is by phone as letters and email can be ignored.

At Commercial Domestic Investigations we understand how important it is for your business to have debt recovery procedures in place. It can help to steady your cash flow and help you to recognise the difference between clients that can’t pay and the ones that won’t pay. Our highly-trained team well take the time to understand your business and offer the best advice and solutions to fit your requirements. If you want to discuss your debt recovery needs with us contact 08444 159200 or email