Commercial Domestic Investigations have a client base of over 30,000 businesses. Below are a selection of testimonials from our clients. Some clients have asked us to withhold business names.


“Managing cash flow needs to be a priority if you want to have profitable business. Cash flow has improved by 80 per cent as a result of working with Commercial Domestic Investigations.”

Shaun Gorman, Briery Kindergarten


“I was struggling with credit control and cash flow issues, contacting Commercial Domestic Investigations made the difference for my company”

Tony Dixon


“I was working all hours on sales and generating new business, I didn’t have the time or the expertise to collect outstanding debts. Then cash flow began suffer, the business began to struggle and I realised I needed help. Contacting Commercial Domestic Investigations saved me, and my business…”

Jasmine Pennells


“We’d chase the debt once, then try and follow up, we used to get fobbed off. Then the person who owed the money disappeared into thin air. I couldn’t afford to write the debt off. I contacted CDI and they traced the person within 24 hours, and very soon after, they had a payment plan in place.”

Samuel Harrison


“We didn’t credit check a company before taking work on, we’ve learned from this and now we work with Commercial Domestic Investigations, we don’t want to get burned again.”

Simon Cooper


“Cash flow has improved since I outsourced credit control and debt collection. The market has been challenging since the downtown, and while things are getting better now, I don’t think we’d have survived the credit crunch without the help of Commercial Domestic Investigations”

Matthew Beeston


“I thought I’d have to write the debt off, contacting CDI meant that I didn’t. That made all the difference to growing my business”

David Alton