Debt recovery can be difficult but it can be made much more difficult if the address you have been writing to or the contact number you have been calling does not belong to the debtor.

A trace authority is an attempt to locate a client or an individual. This service can help businesses to locate debtors and may use a variety of methods and sources to assist the process. Commercial Domestic Investigations offer a tracing service; this is specifically aimed at aged debts or enforcement of debt has been made difficult due to lack of details on the debtor. We have seen extraordinary results from this service and we at Commercial Domestic Investigations are so confident of our results we offer this service on a “no trace-no fee” basis.

Typically, a collection agency like Commercial Domestic Investigations, is instructed by a company to locate a debtor and will be provided with the name, date of birth and last known address of the client. This information can be used alongside various sources including client information, publicly available databases and credit report data, to attempt to trace a new address.

In the case that a new address is found, it may need to be verified. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the address must be confirmed without revealing any details about the purpose of the trace. The address may be verified by making contact via phone or sending an introductory letter or even a visit to the location may be enough to verify the address.

Commercial Domestic Investigations trace agents are highly knowledgeable and they use the latest techniques to find and locate the person or the company who owes your business money.

We use electronic database searches in the first instance, when a debtor disappears it’s not long before they leave an ‘electronic footprint’ on a database. Using this information, we can trace the debtor’s whereabouts to enforce the debt. If you need to speak to someone about your tracing requirements, contact Commercial Domestic Investigations on 08444 159200 or email