In this blogpost the team at Commercial Domestic Investigations want to look back at when we made the news in 2014. As well as Commercial Domestic Investigations featuring in The Times and The Guardian. We also featured on the Reuters news service.

The Reuter’s article talked about why prevention is always better than the cure when it comes to credit checking. The article quoted figures which suggested that as of April 2014 £55 billion of outstanding invoices were owed to British SMEs. How do companies go about tackling this mountain of outstanding debt?

Investing in credit checkingCommercial Domestic Investigations

The best way to stop bad debt happening to your company in the first place is to invest in a credit reporting service that will identify those business customers who have a history of non-payment or slow payment.

Being informed about the credit history of your customers allows you to make an informed decision about whether to enter a business relationship with them, this can prevent debt and prevent disagreements further down the line.

Our spokesperson, Natalie Barron explained to Reuters: “As a start-up, undoubtedly the biggest issue people have to get to grips with quickly is cashflow. Time and time again, we hear of late payments, ignored payment terms and sometimes, non-payment altogether. It’s something all businesses battle with and can easily send small businesses under if it’s not managed precisely.”

Good for the money

Natalie continues: “We’ve seen clients relying on their own credit cards and in turn, delaying their own payments to suppliers because customers haven’t paid when they said they would. The knock-on effect is huge. First of all, make sure you understand your customer’s payment terms – there is evidence of some larger organisations exploiting their supply chain and extending payment terms unfairly. So if you’re an SME taking on a large customer, think carefully as to whether you can afford to fund the payment gap – my advice would be don’t take the business. Dispute any unreasonable payment terms from the very outset if you’re unsure, before drawing up the contract. Always, always, get a contract signed or something in writing before you start work, to protect you legally.

“Good housekeeping is the obvious. Invoice promptly and accurately and get to know customers’ payment systems and personnel. If this isn’t your strong point, commission someone good to do it for you. It’s vital to the long term success of your business.”

If you’re a new or established business and you’re interested in a credit reporting service please contact Commercial Domestic Investigations.


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