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It’s unlikely that your business will go from strength to strength without ever facing some tough times (although wouldn’t that be brilliant?). You may think that just because you’ve got money coming in every month that your business is doing well, but sometimes there can be small issues that can cause your business to stall.

Unhappy Staff

Happy staff are more productive and genuinely invested in the success of the business. If you do not take care of your staff, then they will become unhappy and eventually leave. Having to replace and train new members of staff costs time and money, if you have a high staff turnover, then you will be spending a lot of money. Take the time to make sure your existing team are happy and keep it that way; you’ll save your business money and boost productivity. Find out how to improve staff happiness here.

Speaking to the Wrong Audience

You may have the most effective marketing campaign out there, but if you’re showing it to the wrong audience, then it’s basically useless. Understand your customers and find what appeals to them. Keep your advertising relevant but don’t continually target the same type of people. Cover all of your demographics, and you will see an improved return on investment.

Uneven Cash Flow

Money is at the root of most business problems, and if you’re paying out more than you have coming in then there is a major problem, your business will not be able to survive running at a loss for very long. Many businesses will take out a mortgage, buy computers and office equipment and so getting into debt is to be expected, but problems arise when you cannot afford to pay your debt back, this is known as “bad debt”. Regularly review your finances and set up an achievable repayment plan.

Forgetting About Loyal Customers

New business is important, but you shouldn’t forget about your existing customers. Your current clients will keep your business ticking over while you secure new business, so it’s important to take care of them. Take the time to follow-up with customers when they have made a purchase to ensure that they are satisfied. By offering an excellent customer experience, you will improve loyalty and hopefully secure repeat custom.

Dealing with Bad Payers

Customers that pay late or miss payments can cause some serious damage to your business, especially if you have a big contract with an unreliable payer. It can be difficult to determine who is a bad payer, after all, they won’t tell you that they won’t pay on time. A credit report can give you the confidence that you need to go ahead, providing a customer’s payment history and giving you an idea about their financial stability, you will be able to see if they are a low or high risk.

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