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Unpaid bills are a problem that businesses face on a daily basis. Some clients have a valid reason for not paying on time others; unfortunately, will try to get something for nothing. A debt recovery agency like Commercial Domestic Investigations can help you to quickly collect this debt, minimising the impact on your business. If your company struggles with late payments this article prepares your for recovering difficult debt and how an agency can help.

How old is the debt?

If you operate on seven or fourteen-day terms, by the time an invoice becomes thirty or sixty days it is well overdue and is causing chaos with your cash flow. Older debts are harder to recover; contact details may have become outdated, the person that you have been speaking with may no longer work there, or your invoice may have disappeared. You can try to contact the client yourself to resolve the unpaid debt, sometimes this works, and that’s great! Always remain calm and polite when trying to chase debt, no one responds well to aggressive behaviour. Try to call the client during regular business hours and if possible, call at the beginning of the day; people will be less inclined to solve a problem if you call at 4:30 pm. Always take notes during the call and follow the conversation with a brief email, reiterating the points that were made, try to get the client to agree to a specific payment date and state this in your email.

If, after all of your efforts, the client still refuses to pay, it may be time to contact a debt recovery agency. An agency will work tirelessly on your behalf to recover any debt so that you can concentrate on other, more important tasks.

How valuable is the customer?

Another important factor to consider when trying to recover debt is how valuable the client is to your business. If they spend a lot of money with you, if they don’t often go over their payment terms or if they have been clients for a very long time, it may be worth making extra effort to resolve the debt in-house. The client will appreciate that you are trying to understand and if what they spend heavily outweighs the unpaid debt, you may consider offering a settlement to clear a majority of the debt. However, if the client is relatively new, doesn’t spend that much and regularly avoids payments then you may want to pass the debt straight to a debt recovery agency, there is no point having a client on your books if they never pay on time and you’re not making any money from them.

A recovery agency, like Commercial Domestic Investigations, can work quickly and efficiently to recover any debt. Our team work in line with industry best practice and the latest regulations to ensure that your clients are dealt with professionally to preserve any working relationships. By carrying out a credit check on new or potential clients you can get ahead of any issues that may arise; if you want to find out how we can help your business contact our team on 08444 159200 or email

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