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Behind every successful business is a hardworking team of employees. If your team begins to falter or becomes unhappy then your business can rapidly fall into chaos. It is well-known that happy staff are more productive, so it is in your best interests to take care of your employees.

What makes them tick?

Take the time to get to know your employees and what they want from their job and if they are looking to further develop their skills. Holding regular reviews with your employees will help you to gain a strong understanding of how they want to develop or areas where employees made need further training. Provide plenty of opportunities for your team to leave honest feedback. This will allow you to improve their working environment and make your business a much more satisfying place to work.

Are they in the best role?

Staff happiness all depends on the role that they are working in. If they have a desirable skill set and they are spending their time inputting data or stuffing envelopes, they will be unfulfilled and their skills are being wasted. Where possible, try to automate repetitive tasks this means that your team will be able to focus on more valuable duties. All of your employees should be in roles that are suited to their skills and add value to your business.

Are they comfortable together?

It’s no coincidence that teambuilding exercises are a long-standing tradition within the business world. A team that can work well together is a team that will stand the test of time. Even if many of your team members work individually, a team that can work cohesively improves productivity and can reduce any office spats. For a business to run smoothly it’s crucial that employees respect one another and are comfortable with each other. Invest in regular team building activities, collaboration tasks or have a weekly lunch with all of your team, whatever you decide just make sure that it’s away from work and fun!

What are the benefits?

Many people are looking for more than a financial reward (although a bonus is always nice!), sometimes it is as simple as saying thank you for their work or contribution right through to flexible working options or development opportunities. People want to feel valued by employers and if they don’t then they will look for a job where they will be appreciated.

Are they being paid?

Perhaps the most obvious factor in a staffs’ happiness, their wage. If an employee doesn’t get paid on time then they will probably start to question the stability of your business and may even jump ship. Wages are fundamental to staff happiness so make sure you have enough money to pay them every month.

To make sure that you have enough money to pay your staff every month, you need a healthy cash flow. Ensure that all of your clients are paying you on time, late payments cause havoc with your cash flow so invoke a clear, no-nonsense credit control policy and chase late payments as soon as they become overdue. At Commercial Domestic Investigations, we offer a range of services to help assist your business. To find out how we can help you, contact us on 08444 159200, use our contact form or email

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