Commercial Domestic Investigations are debt collection experts.

As a company we have over 30 years experience in the collection and enforcement of outstanding debts. Working with business owners and decision makers in all sectors our debt collection expertise has seen our company featured in The Times and The Guardian newspapers.

Commercial Domestic Investigations highly trained staff work to industry best practice when it comes to the collection of outstanding invoices. Highly motivated, our account managers work closely with business owners to understand issues and assist with maintaining payment of outstanding debt. We value personal contact with our customers and we ensure that the best result is obtained for both our client and the debtor.

Our debt collection experts can quickly establish the difference between a ‘can’t pay’ and a ‘won’t pay’. Staying on top of debt collection law and regulations makes our debt collection team one of the most effective in the industry. Our collection agents are renowned for their speed, efficiency and professionalism.

Bad debts or unpaid invoices can stifle the growth of your company. Chasing debts internally, using staff within your company is sometimes fruitless without the proper experience, training and knowledge of debt collection law and techniques.

Our team have the experience and knowledge to help your company recover money owed. Working with the Commercial Domestic Investigations debt collection team gives business owners the peace of mind needed to move forward and get past negative cash flow.

If your business is suffering with unpaid invoices contact Commercial Domestic Investigations for an informal chat about the services we can offer.

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