At Commercial Domestic Investigations we specialise in the collection of debts that are older, or where enforcement of the debt has been made difficult by lack of details or the whereabouts of the debtor being unknown.

We’ve seen unprecedented results from this service, often collecting money for business owners that they thought was gone forever. We even offer this service on a ‘No Trace-No Fee’ basis, we’re that confident of the results.

This service helps to reduce bad debt write-offs by companies and is an excellent way to give your company a cash flow boost.

Our trace agents are experts in their field and they use cutting edge techniques to find and locate the person or the company who owes your business money.

We use electronic database searches in the first instance, when a debtor disappears it’s not long before they leave an ‘electronic footprint’ on a database. Using this information we can trace the debtor’s whereabouts in order to enforce the debt. We can often locate a debtor within 24 hours and we’ll notify your business of a successful trace immediately.

In cases where no ‘electronic footprint’ can be found we use more traditional methods to track and trace a debtor.

Over the years our Tracing and Investigations service has seen some real success stories and has been a vital tool for many business owners.

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