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It is an unfortunate truth but all businesses will face clients that avoid payment, make excuses and dispute invoices, but what about clients that avoid contact at all times, they don’t reply to emails and sends you to voicemail whenever you call. At Commercial Domestic Investigations we wanted to review the options available to you.

Option 1 – Persistence is key

One of the most frustrating options available to you, but there is a chance that your client may have a genuine excuse for not making payments. It may be that they have a staff absence or a technical issue that means they have not received your communications.

In these cases, you should judge each situation on its own merits, if you are dealing with a customer that regularly misses payments then the chances are they are just stalling again, alternatively if you are dealing with a loyal client who does a lot of business with you and has never missed a payment, you can afford to give them the benefit of the doubt. Consider your own circumstances; if you are going to struggle without their payment then it may force you to employ sterner action to resolve the account.

Option 2 – Legal action

If you believe that a client is avoiding you efforts of communication to delay payment, the threat of legal action can be enough to spur them into action. Don’t issue a notice of legal proceedings if you are not willing to follow it through. A court process can be both lengthy and expensive, you should consider your relationship with your client, it can be difficult to return to normal after court action has been taken.

Option 3 – Employ an agency

Using a specialist collection agency has numerous benefits for your business, sometimes just hearing the name of a debt collection agency can be enough to encourage your customers to make a payment.

Good collection agencies are highly trained to industry best practice and can recover the debt professionally and efficiently. If the customer avoids the agency like they have avoided you, they have other resources like tracing and investigation tools in order to locate the client and recover the debt.

At Commercial Domestic Investigations, we have over 30 years of experience in the debt recovery industry. Our team are highly motivated and trained to best practice to ensure that your debt is recovered. We can assist your business at any stage of the debt recovery process, from credit reporting to tracing clients to invoice collection, we can help. If you want to discuss your requirements, contact our team on 08444 159200 or email

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