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You will most likely have to deal with business debt at some point if clients do not pay on time then it can cause havoc with your cash flow, leaving you unable to pay your bills. Handled correctly and your business debt doesn’t have to damage your company.


Before doing anything, you should review your business credit report and ensure that all of the information is correct and there are no negative factors that would impact your ability to secure a loan.

If you have several loans, then it is worth considering consolidating them into one larger loan. It may seem counterproductive to pay off one larger sum of money, however, consolidating your debt usually results in a lower, monthly repayment. This can go a long way towards easing any pressure on your business.

Speak with suppliers

If you have spent the time to build strong relationships with your suppliers and you are keeping up with your payments, then you are in a powerful position to try and negotiate. It may be that you ask for better rates on the goods or services that they supply. There may be a special bulk price that the supplier can offer; if you don’t ask, then you will never know. You may also want to try to negotiate longer payment terms, if you have been a long standing customer and never missed a payment, the supplier may be in a position to extend your terms.

Improve profitability

Profitability isn’t just about income but also your outgoing. Review your expenses and see where you can make cuts, this will give a boost to your profit margin. Examine your utilities and insurance costs; it can be easy to fall into a routine of renewing with the same supplier, even if it isn’t the best price. See if you can source your office supplies elsewhere or if it’s possible to rent out some empty office space to increase your income.

Try to prioritise your debts; some will be more urgent than others. Any debts that have a high-interest rate should be top priority followed by any debt for which you have given a personal guarantee. With every debt that you clear, you will feel some relief. While clearing your business debt is your responsibility, don’t forget that you can reduce the stress on your cash flow by clearing overdue client accounts. Overdue invoices can add up and before you know it you could be owed thousands of pounds.

If your business struggles with late payments, then consider outsourcing to a recovery agency like Commercial Domestic Investigations. Our highly-motivated team will work tirelessly to recover any debt so that you can focus on clearing your business debt. To find out more about how we can help your business contact us on 08444 159200 or email

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