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At Commercial Domestic Investigations we know that you want to be completely reassured that a company is able to pay you for your products or services before you supply them.

For SMEs, one of the best ways of preventing cash flow issues is to make sure your company knows the payment history of the clients you are dealing with. In this blog post we’ll advise you on how you can easily credit check a company.

Why is credit checking important?

Credit checking is absolutely vital to all businesses no matter what size, or how long they have been in business. From sole traders to Ltd companies and PLC’s – Credit reporting is a vital tool for owners who want to grow their business and avoid any potential pitfalls or cash flow issues.

Business owners already know that cash flow is key for business. One way to keep your cash flow positive is to avoid bad debts, and the best way to do this is to ensure your clients can and will pay from the start of the relationship. The only reliable way to check this is to complete a credit check on any potential clients.

Similar to individuals, all businesses have a credit rating. A credit report on a client you are looking to do business with will show if they have any debts outstanding or have had trouble paying in the past. With this information you can then go on to make a fully informed choice about whether or not you want to do business with them.

commercial domestic investigations
Credit checks are important.

How do I complete a credit check?

Many companies, such as Commercial Domestic Investigations, offer a credit reporting service. Our specialist credit reporting team are dedicated to giving business owners the best advice available, making the decision to accept business easier and giving peace of mind that your company will be paid for any work you complete.

We also offer an in-depth credit brokerage service where we can arrange credit facilities for clients and also for debtors. We take full account of any negative credit history that may prevent other lenders from being forthcoming with funds.

Find out today whether the company you’re thinking about doing business with are likely to to pay you on time. Contact us for an informal chat about how you can keep your cash flow healthy and your business growing.

About Commercial Domestic Investigations

Commercial Domestic Investigations are regarded within the debt collection and credit control industry as one of the best credit management companies in the UK. Established in 1988 to support and service all sizes of companies in the field of Credit Management.

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We now boast a national client base in excess of 30,000 companies. Commercial Domestic Investigations has grown by listening to clients’ requirements and adapting our services to meet all companies’ needs from Sole Traders, SMES, Ltd and Plus. Please contact us on 08444 159200 for more information.


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