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Success in your business always comes to cash coming in; if you have enough cash then you can continue to do business, but what about your employees? Without them there would be no business at all. If your team don’t mirror your company values or don’t feel valued, this can also impact on your business’s success. A happy workforce leads to happy customers which results in company growth.

At Commercial Domestic Investigations we wanted to share some tips with you so that you can keep your team motivated.

Be inclusive

For an employee, nothing is more motivating than feeling involved. As an SME you can take advantage of having a smaller workforce and hold weekly staff meetings. This gives you a chance to update your team on upcoming projects and it gives your employees the chance to report on any issues or successes from the past week. Giving your employees the chance to understand the company’s progress and giving them the chance to voice their opinions in the correct forum will make them feel valued and appreciated.


Rigidity and the 9-5 working day is all well and good, everyone is in the office where you might need them and you can oversee the whole team, however flexible working opportunities can benefit everyone. Allowing your employees a little more freedom and the opportunity to work away from their desks makes them feel trusted and more motivated. This freedom will boost happiness in the work place too which can lead to an increase in productivity.

Team building

Whilst it may seem cliché, team building exercises actually do benefit both your employees and your business. Your workforce spends 35+ hours a week with each other. Spending time together outside of the office can improve staff happiness at work. You don’t need to spend a lot of money; team building can be as simple as a monthly team lunch together.

Friday funday

Of course the most important part of being at work is actually getting work done, and you shouldn’t lose sight of that, but having a bit of fun on a Friday can really boost team morale. Why not take it in turns to bring in delicious treats for everyone, introduce casual Fridays or even an early finish on a Friday afternoon can go a long way.

Monetary incentives

Nothing will make employees happier than a financial reward. As a small business it may be difficult for you to offer a pay rise to your employees but a bonus is a great way to say “Thank You”. Your generosity will show your team that you care and your employees will feel appreciated and valued.

Job title

The advantage of having a smaller business is that you can be more flexible with job titles and they can adapt and change as the business grows. Job titles don’t only matter to your staff but to the people you introduce yourself to. Give your staff a morale boost by giving them a job title that they are proud of and that reflects how hard they work.

Boosting morale doesn’t have to cost your business a lot of money but taking the time to invest in your employees can be invaluable to your company. Happy staff can be more productive, which of course is beneficial to your business.

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